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Second-hand weaving machines | Used weaving looms

8 pcs. rapier looms SULZER G6300 (Ref. No. 4118690).
1900 mm working width, year of construction 2000, second-hand.
With dobby STÄUBLI 2861.

2 pcs. rapier looms SMIT GS900 + GS901 (Ref. No. 4128691).
1900 mm working width, year of construction 2006, second-hand.
With dobby STÄUBLI 2670. 

4 pcs. Sisal weaving looms JUERGENS (Ref. No. 4128682).
5000 mm working width, second-hand. The offer is composed of: 
A) Creel. 2000 positions = 400 per sqm. 
B) Yarn feed system. Single axle or double axle. 
C) 4 pcs. shuttle weaving looms JUERGENS.
    5000 mm working width. 4 shafts. Excenter machines. 
D) Roll winder. 

1 pc. gripper weaving machine SACM (Ref. No. 4128429).
1750 mm working width, year of construction 1970.
With dobby made by BROCK. 

7 pcs. weaving machines PICANOL OMNI F-2-E (Ref. No. 4127251).
2200 mm nominal width, year of construction 1998.
Max. 6 shafts. Suitable for 2 colours. 

Museum piece:
3 or 4 shuttle weaving looms for museum or very special productions
GUENNE / GUESKEN (Ref. No. 4128675).
Year of construction approx. early 1950s.
2 machines are made by GUENNE. Width approx. 170. Lancier looms.
Suitable for 2 warp beams. Dobby made by GROSSE for 24 shafts. 
1 machine is made by GUESKEN. Width approx. 200. Lancier loom.
Dobby made by GROSSE for 16 shafts. 
Optional: Warping machine from 1937.


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