Jacquard weaving machine

Jacquard weaving machines

Second-hand jacquard weaving machines and used jacquard heads

7 pcs. rapier weaving machines with Jacquard VAMATEX
(Ref. No. 4138710). 3200 mm + 1900 mm working width.
- 3 machines model P1001ES.
3200 mm working width. Construction year 1998.
With BONAS Jacquard I BJ II, construction year 1998.
2688 hooks. Controller series 250. 
- 4 machines model C-401.
1900 mm working width. Construction year 1988.
With BONAS Jacquard BLJ II, construction year 1993.
1344 hooks capacity, 1200 hooks installed. The plates and hooks to
complete to 1344 hooks are available. Controller series 200. 
All looms are suitable for 8 colours, controlled by Jacquard,
Leno selvedge, 4 drop wire bars ROJ TE 100 / TE100 HS / ELECTROTEX
weft monitoring. 
Each weaving machine is equipped with 2 warp beams, 800 mm flange
diameter and 2 cloth rolls. 3 ROJ AT 1200 / QUARZ weft accumulators,
cone stand, 10.000 drop wires. 
All looms are rebuilt in 2005 with electronic jacquards and pick finder. 

1 pc. Graphic Design Station Silicon Graphics (Ref. No. 830980-N).
Year of construction ca. 1998.
EAT (Jacquard + dobby).
Indy graphic machine, PC.
Monitor 20" and 17", 2 Digitalizer.
1 Canon colour printer and scanner.
Incl. accessories, suitable for jacquard and dobby designs for weaving.


Used weaving machines without jacquard


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Tornado Textilmaschinen GmbH Import-Export is used textile machinery dealer from Germany / Europe. We offer second-hand weaving machines and other pre-owned weaving equipment for sale. We buy and sell used jacquard weaving machines and second-hand jacquard heads for weaving looms and welcome your offers and inquiries.


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