Autoconer second-hand

1 pc. Autoconer SCHLAFHORST 238 (Ref. No. 3208867)
30 heads, year of construction 1992.
Thermo splicer. With waxing.
With LOEPFE 740AC. Output 420.

1 pc. Autoconer MURATA type 7-7 (Ref. No. 3208868).
40 heads, year of construction 1994.
With splicer and waxing unit.
Automatic machine. 2 chargers (2/3 type of yarn).
USTER Polymatic MK-C15-MC. Output 420. 

1 pc. Autoconer SAVIO ORION E (Ref. No. 3208631).
Year of construction 2000, second-hand. 

1 pc. Autoconer SCHLAFHORST 238 system 2004 (Ref. No. 3207927).
Year of construction 2004.
Automatic machine with waxing output. Cone 557. 


Yarn winding machines


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Tornado Textilmaschinen GmbH Import-Export is used textile machinery dealer from Germany / Europe. We offer surplus nonwovens equipment and pre-owned textile machinery for sale. We buy and sell second-hand Autoconer. 


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