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Yarn winding machines second hand | Bobbin winder

1 pc. coner for rest yarn KARL MAYER RC 8 R U (Ref. No. 3198644). 

1 pc. hank to cone winder T. FILCONO SL (Ref. No. 3198636).
20 and 16 winding places, year of construction 2000 and 2001.
With yarn break detector and 2 splicers. 

1 pc. cross winding machine SAHM type 280 XE (Ref. No. 3198627).
2 winding places, year of construction 2014.
The machine was used in lab conditions only and is in perfect condition. 

1 pc. take up winder SIMA A-300 (Ref. No. 3198607).
32 winding heads, year of construction ca. 2011, second-hand.
16 heads right and 16 heads left. Precision winding.
Traverse 12". Bobbin diameter 400 mm. Tube diameter 90 mm.
Speed up to 260 m/min.

3 - 4 pcs. precision tubeless winders ALFA 2 (Ref. No. 3198608).
Year of construction 2012, second-hand.
Bobbin max. outer diameter 400 mm. Diameter of the spool inside 76 mm.
Speed max. 600 m/min. 

1 pc. winding machine GILBOS (Ref. No. 3198566).

1 pc. winding machine SCHWEITER (Ref. No. 3198569). 

2 pcs. winder SAHM type 380 XE (Ref. No. 3198552).
Year of construction 2013, second-hand.
3~400 VAC, 50 Hz. 9 A, 6,5 kVA. Frequency controlled drives.
The machines are in a very good condition and were used in a pilot line

2 pcs. rewinding machines RATTI type Canagio (Ref. No. 3198482)
52 spindles per machine, year of construction not known.
The machines are suitable to rewind yarn on small spools for the next
twisting process.
Yarn count range 50 - 200 dtex.
Take-up package: Small spools with traverse length. 

1 pc. winding machine FADIS type SYNCRO M (Ref. No. 3198375).
Year of construction 2009, second-hand.
2 machine heads. One with 35 positions and the other with 15 positions.
So, the machine has totally 50 positions at present. Extension possible -
each machine head can have 35 positions.
Speed up to 1200 m/min.
The positions can be programmed individually. Last inspection in 2016. 

1 pc. winding machine SAVIO ESPERO (Ref. No. 3198243).
56 winding places, year of construction 1990, second-hand.
Cleaner USTER with MKC 15. Splicer MESDAN type 480.
Paraffineur. Winder/rewinder with creel. 

1 pc. bobbin winder for fly shuttles No. 10 / 11 CASATI CARLO
(Ref. No. 3197666). Year of construction 1996, second-hand.
Max. bobbin size 16 x 44 mm. Shuttle size 10/11.
The productivity in a shift of 8 hours at cotton 80/2 is approx. 1,5 kg of
bobbins. Proposed revolutions: 1400 RpM (main shaft).
Power requirement: 0,18 kW.
Dimensions: 49 x 44 x 27. Weight: approx. 56 kg.
Motor: 3-phase electric power with belts and belt pulleys.
220/380 V, 50/60 Hz.
Thread monitor. Right hand rotation. 

2 pcs. winding machines SIMET SR 98/4 (Ref. No. 3197585).
4 winding places per machine, year of construction 1992. 

1 pc. winding machine manufactured in Russia MMM 4
(Ref. No. 3197485). 4 bobbin places, year of construction 1993.
0,37 kW. 

1 pc. manipulator for heavy yarn cones DALMEC (Ref. No. 3197202).
Year of construction 1994, second-hand.
Assistance machine to take heavy yarn cones from a palette to a creel.
The year of construction is 1994, but the machine was almost never used
and is in a very good condition therefore. 

1 unit with 50 pcs. winders SAHM type 230 resp. S 100 E
(Ref. No. 3195917).
Year of construction 1996, second-hand.
Low number of working hours, very good condition.
Traverse 200 mm x core 35 mm.

1 pc. winding machine SAVIO RAS 15 (Ref. No. 3195100).
56 winding places, year of construction 1988, second-hand.


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