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1 pc. shearing machine XETMA type Optima XS 1 (Ref. No. 5248702).
2200 mm working width, year of construction 2005, second-hand.
The shearing machine is in very good condition and actually still in
Technical modification: The brush roller, the beater roller and the sewing
unit are dismantled. 
Installed new: Spreading rollers SCHERLI (set of 3 rollers) and a bow
The software is adapted. Electric drawings, parameter list and material
flow diagram included. 

1 pc. shearing machine TORRES type T148 (Ref. No. 5248696).
Year of construction 1989. 

1 pc. sueding machine SUCKER MÜLLER SF 4 (Ref. No. 7218515).
Year of construction 2001, second-hand. 

1 pc. shearing machine FRANZ MÜLLER PPS conversioned to PRS
(Ref. No. 5248230).
2000 / 1800 mm shearing width, year of construction 1971.
With pile lever brush. 
Spare blades available (upper and lower blades).

1 pc. shearing machine SUCKER + MÜLLER PRC 22 (Ref. No. 5248231).
2200 / 2000 mm shearing width, year of construction 1985, second-hand.
With pile lever brush. 
Spare blades complete (upper and lower blades). 

1 pc. carpet shearing machine (tower principle) MENSCHNER NTS-T-III.
(Ref. No. 5248108). Year of construction 1989, second-hand.
The machine is in a very good condition.
One folder with electric diagrammes is available.
The switch board is included. 

1 pc. carpet shearing machine HENRY PAULUS (Ref. No. 5247492).
5000 mm working width, used machine. 

1 pc. table raising machine MÜLLER (Ref. No. 7217386).
2600 mm working width, year of construction 1982, used.
The offer includes the suction.

1 pc. Poltwin shearing machine HERGETH PRS 240 GF
(Ref. No. 5247387).
2400 mm working width, year of construction 1977.
The shearing cylinder has 10 (20) spirals.
The machine includes 1 beater, 2 beater rollers and a heater with suction.

1 pc. shearing machine A. HUNKEMOLLER MASCHINENBAU Switzerland
(Ref. No. 5246998). The offer includes a lot of accessories such a bars,
a suction line etc.
The machine is suitable for shearing and cleaning of cloth, cotton, silk,
embroidered goods, plush, velvet, jute, carpet, coir mats, skins and furs. 

1 pc. raising line MARIO CROSTA (Ref. No. 7215923).
The line is consisting of:
-4 pcs. raising machines MARIO CROSTA MC 10/36.
1800 mm width, inverters, 36 cylinders reversible.
The year of construction is end of 1989.
-1 pc. shearing machine MARIO CROSTA CMB/D inverters,
2000 mm cylinder width, construction year end of 1990.
With 2 cylinder, also with spare parts and shearing accessories.
-1 pc. butt-end sewing machine DOHLE.
-1 pc. butt-end sewing machine MERRO CL 70 mounted by 
MONTO CUCITRICI TA18-2-Y rail, 1800 mm width. Electrical system
included, 1 needle, 1 sewing-thread complete with accessories. 
The year of construction is 1989.
-1 pc. EFFEDUE dust suction compound plant of construction year 1989.

1 set of spare rollers for raising machine MÜLLER TRI 24
(Ref. No. 7212077).


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