Inspection machine

Inspection machines, second hand inspection tables for textile and nonwovens, carpet and fabric

1 pc. inspection table CORINO  (Ref. No. 5178350)
2200 mm max. working width, year of construction 2007. 

2 pcs. fabric inspection tables (Ref. No. 5178336).
1900 mm working width.
One of the machines has a length measuring unit.
The condition of the machines is good. One of the machines has a
damaged motor which needs to be replaced. 

1 pc. winder/rewinder and inspection machine (Ref. No. 5178330).
3200 mm working width. 

1 pc. inspection machine MENZEL (Ref. No. 5178277).
1800 mm roller width, year of construction 2000.
Material width 1600 mm. 
Unwind diameter max. 600 mm.
Unwind diameter min. 50 mm. 
Outside dimensions:
Approx. 2800 mm width x 2500 mm height x 3000 mm length.

1 pc. fabric inspection table MASCHINENBAU MENGEN LIZENZ GMÖHLING
type P11 (Ref. No. 5178301).
2000 mm working width. Construction year 1968.
The machine can roll forwards and backwards, has a table with light and
is ready to use. 

1 pc. fabric inspection machine  (Ref. No. 5178246).
1600 mm working width, year of construction ca. 1990, second-hand.
The machine is in good condition and has a low number of total working

4 pcs. fabric inspection machines MENZEL (Ref. No. 5178215).
1800 - 2200 mm roller width, year of construction 1976 - 1991.
From A-frame to A-frame.
1 machine yoc 1976, 1.800 mm roller width.
1 machine yoc 1983, 1.800 mm roller width.
1 machine yoc 1991, 2000 mm roller width.
1 machine yoc 1984, 2.200 mm roller width. 

2 pcs. fabric inspection machines C-TEK (U.K.) (Ref. No. 5177960).

1 pc. inspection and opening machine for knitted goods WEISS
(Ref. No. 5177888). Year of construction 2004.
The machine is in a very good condition.
The machine is suitable for inspection and for opening knitted goods like
single jersey and single elastic. 

1 pc. "On loom" fabric inspection BARCO VISION Cyclops 3 SC BL
(Ref. No. 5177849). 2800 mm nominal width, year of construction 2011.
Cyclops system with single camera based electronic unit for a nominal
width of 2800 mm. Speed 540 mm per second - BL-standard material
feeding bar.
- Blue light.
- Extension of the DU5P by a RS422 communication card.
  (Weft counter, stop of the weaving loom if faults are too many.) 

1 pc. cutting and inspection machine WEISS (Ref. No. 5177403).
2500 mm inspection field width.
Complete with a CALATOR roll up machine to wind on A-Frames.
Roll weight up to 400 kg. 


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