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1 pc. roll packing machine MAF VERPACKUNGSTECHNIK SBP 4-200
(Ref. No. 5198541). 1600 mm working width, year of construction 1995.
The machine is suitable for wrapping rolls into PP foil.
The line is consisting of:
- Infeed conveyor to the SBP.
- Automatic foil unwinder top and bottom.
- Drafting device top and bottom.
- Foil control.
- Pressure valve.
- Pneumatic lower bar.
- Exit sheet after the welding bar. 
SPS-System SIEMENS S5-95U. 

1 pc. packing machine for cloth rolls (Ref. No. 5198534).
1650 mm max. working width.
Width of the foil: 2000 mm. Max. roll diameter 500 mm. 

1 pc. roll packing machine for foam mattresses
OFFICINA MECCANICA 2P SNC model D 1900 (Ref. No. 5198447).
Year of construction 2005, second-hand. Type: Roll 300. 

1 pc. packing machine BECK (Ref. No. 5198409).
The machine is suitable for automatic packing of textile materials such like
knitted goods, Shirts etc.
The machine is in good condition and ready to use.

64 meters racks for storage (Ref. No. 5198508).
The racks were used for fabric rolls and paper rolls.
The height of the shelves is adjustable. 

1 pc. paternoster for cloth rolls  (Ref. No. 5198357).
2200 mm max. cloth roll width.
The paternoster is suitable for 40 cloth rolls. 
4300 mm height. 2700 mm length. 1000 mm width. 
Electrics: 380-400 V. 
The unit is in a good condition.

1 pc. packing machine for table tissues MARDEN EDWARDS
(Ref. No. 5198358). Year of construction 1988, second-hand.
Pack dimensions max. 305 x 205 x 100 mm LxWxH. 

1 pc. foil packing machine BECK SII 1832 (Ref. No. 5198269).
The machine is in good condition and works well. 

1 pc. stretching machine for palettes (Ref. No. 5198220).
Palette size: Euro-type. 

1 pc. horizontal packing machine (strapping machine) FRANPACK
(Ref. No. 5198005). Year of construction 2006.
The machine is suitable for goods 2400 x 2400 mm.
The length in principle could be any.
Packing can be done with standard stretch foil 300 mm wide.
Packing can also be done with banderoles.
Beside packing single rolls, the machine is also capable  to pack several
rolls to one Multipack package. 
The machine is in a very good condition.

1122 pcs. iron barred boxes (Ref. No. 5198004).
570 pcs. with dimensions 1200 x 842 x 932 mm.
528 pcs. with dimensions 1200 x 1000 x 932 mm.
24 pcs. foldable industrial boxes IG-1559 with dimensions 1800 x 1200 x
1300 mm. 

2 pcs. packing machines BECK / MAYER (Ref. No. 5197559).
1 machine type SX 1850, construction year 2001 made by BECK.
1 machine type S 17-32.7 made my MAYER.

1  pc. semi-automatic case sealer SIAT type SR 46 (Ref. No. 5197560).
Year of construction 2006.
1,08 A, 260 W, 380/415 V, 50 Hz. 3 phases. 

1 pc. sack welding machine BECK (Ref. No. 5197774).

1 pc. packing machine BECK (Ref. No. 5197773).
Packing tunnel for shrink foil.

1 pc. stretch packer FILMA FP35CP (Ref. No. 5197772)
Year of construction 1997.
Table 1500 mm. Moving way approx. 2000 mm.

1 pc. stretch foil packing machine SIAT AF3P (Ref. No. 5197768)
Year of construction 1988.
Disc diameter 1500 mm. Max. 2500 mm package height. 

1 pc. foil packing machine for textile goods  type VP/A 3.6-USA 600
(Ref. No. 5197372). Year of construction 1993.
The weight of the machine is approx. 9935 kg. 

1 pc. packing machine REINER DIEZ DIEZ Flexpacker (Ref. No. 5196857).
250 mm max. product width, year of construction 2000.
Control SIMATIC C7-623/P.
Max. product height approx. 110 mm.
Max. product length: Endless (until light control activates stopping).
Max. foil width: approx. 420 mm.
Foil roll diameter: max. 300 mm.
Cycles per minute: max. 30 (depending on products length).
Print mark control for upper foil available.
Euroloch: prepared 
Machine dimensions:
Length max. 2850 over infeed - exit conveyor.
Width: approx. 1200 mm.
Height approx. 1500 mm to 1620 mm. 
400 V/AC. 3 Phases, 50 cycles. 

1 pc. packing machine for nonwovens and paper table cloth
NEW MEC type ISMAG (Ref. No. 5196511).
950 mm working width, year of construction 2001, second-hand.
Max. length 950 mm. Speed 14 cycles per minute.

1 pc. manual strapping machine FORPLAST SAS V5532 STRAPEX
(Ref. No. 5196512). Year of construction 1998.

1 pc. vacuum packing machine AKAB AK 106 (Ref. No. 5195761).

1 pc. packing machine HÖRAUF TLM 21 (Ref. No. 5194249).
Year of construction 1988.
Spray and gluing system for carton boxes 160 x 240 mm or 160 x 120 mm.


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Tornado Textilmaschinen GmbH Import-Export is used textile machinery dealer in Germany / Europe. We buy and sell second-hand roll packing machines and other used packing machinery for textiles and nonwovens. On our page "Used packing machines for the textile industry" you will find second-hand roll packing machines, stretch foil packers, tube foil packing units, case packers, case sealers, foil welding machines and palette stretchers from reputable manufacturers such like Akab, Beck, Diez, Hagemann, Hörauf, Sunkist etc. and similar used packing machines for textiles and nonwovens that are for sale. Second-hand machinery for lifting, moving and storage of roll goods as well as Paternoster for fabric and carpet, packing machines for mattresses or cotton pads, roll transport systems, roll handling equipment and palette dispensers are also listed here. Please contact us for offers and pictures. Thank you.


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