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1 pc. laboratory dyeing machine THIES (Ref. No. 5238855).
2 kg capacity, second-hand.
The machine is in good condition with all complemented parts.

1 pc. small sample printing press MEYER (Ref. No. 5238859).
Sample size ca. 700 x 400 mm.

1 pc. tester (similar to Uster II) KEISOKKI Tester 80 (Ref. No. 5238874).
The machine is in good condition and was used for 100% wool. 

1 pc. sample printing press MEYER (Ref. No. 5238860).
The machine is suitable for sample sizes of ca. 1120 x 530 mm. 

1 pc. sample carding machine (Ref. No. 5238799).
330 mm roller width.
The manufacturer and the year of construction are not known.
Definitely, the carding machine is of older age and has been used from
1948 till 1989 in a German factory and is in dry storage since then.
In the previous production, it was used for wool and viscose.
The machine has a high voltage motor. 
The dimensions of the frame table are approx.:
1400 mm length x 760 mm width x 830 mm height.
The carding machine is 700 mm high.

1 pc. tension tester ZWICK type 1425 (Ref. No. 5238716).
Year of construction 1991, second-hand.
Last calibration in 2009.
Last modernization (incl. drive) in 2002.
Including Software TestExpert 1.

(Ref. No. 5238768). Year of construction 1998, second-hand.
The machine has a damage. 

1 pc. Dyeing jet sample dyeing machine MCS type  "1st sample"
(Ref. No. 5238673). 7 kg capacity. Purchased new in 2010.
The lab dyeing machine is in a very good condition and has been used 15
times only. The de-installation was done 2012 and the machine is in dry
storage since then.
The machine is suitable for high temperature. 

1 pc. Crockmaster JAMES HEAL + CO (Ref. No. 5238522).

1 pc. sample carding machine MASCHINENBAU MEMMINGEN
(Ref. No. 5238617). 700 mm working width, year of construction 1950.
With fine card clothing. 

1 pc. PH tester HANNA INSTRUMENTS B 417 (Ref. No. 5238523).

1 pc. colour tester VERIVIDE (Ref. No. 5238055). 

1 pc. tester USTER 3 (Ref. No. 5237926). 

1 pc. discontinuous lab coating machine MATHIES SV-M
(Ref. No. 5237885). 230 V, 50 Hz, 0,2 kW.
The machine has a CE label. 

1 pc. Spectrophotometer KONICA MINOLTA model CM-3600d
(Ref. No. 5237212). Never used.
Input 11 V. 1,5 A. Made in Japan.
Including software and technical literature. 
The year of construction / year of purchase is 2010. 

2 pcs. HCC  -Meter HONIGMANN (Ref. No. 5236917).
Year of construction 2001 + 2000.
Complete system with HONIGMANN Thermo- / Hygrometer.
The units are in good condition. 

1 pc. laboratory dyeing machine UGOLINI Sp 110 (Ref. No. 5236318).
Including AIGI 316 stainless steel tank, capacity 15 l.
Including digital control and dosage unit. The machine is steam heated. 

1 pc. Uster Tester ZELLWEGER USTER UT3-EC5 (Ref. No. 5238684).
The machine has a defect.

1 pc. large tension tester ZWICK (Ref. No. 5238685).
Year of construction 1970s, second-hand.
Up to 1000 daN.

1 pc. entanglement tester TEXTECHNO type OBESTAT (Ref. No. 5238686).
The machine is not working 100% properly (no electrostatic).



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