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1 pc. Sisal spinning and Sisal dyeing line  (Ref. No. 3118687).
The line is suitable for thin, medium and heavy sisal yarns.
The majority of the equipment such like the drawing frames, the finishers,
the thin tape spinners, the double row medium spinners and the winders
are manufactured by JAMES MACKIE.
The double row flyer twisters are made by LUMMUS MACKIE.
The dyekir is made by VALD. HENRIKSEN, the hydro extractors are made
Most of the machines are of older year of construction and made in the
1950s and 1960s or even earlier, the younger equipment is from 1992. 
Optional equipment:
4 pcs. Sisal weaving looms JUERGENS (Ref. No. 4128682).
5000 mm working width, second-hand. The offer is composed of: 
A) Creel. 2000 positions = 400 per sqm. 
B) Yarn feed system. Single axle or double axle. 
C) 4 pcs. shuttle weaving looms JUERGENS.
    5000 mm working width. 4 shafts. Excenter machines. 
D) Roll winder.  


Spinning machines


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