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1 pc. double doffer carding machine BONINO (Ref. No. 2138870).
3000 mm working width, year of construction 1991, second-hand.
With volumetric feeder and inlet conveyor.
Licker-in diameter 500 mm.
Breast diameter 1800 mm with 5 pairs of workers/strippers.
Transfer roller 770 mm diameter.
Main swift diameter 2000 mm with 4 pairs of strippers/workers.
Upper doffer diameter 500 mm with take-off roller.
Lower doffer diameter 770 mm with take-off roller.
All rigid metallic wire apart the transfer roller.
Control panel available.
The machine is mounted onto an iron basement, so no special foundation
is required.

2 pcs. carding machines OCTIR SAS (Ref. No. 2138162)
2500 mm working width. The machines have one main cylinder.

3 pcs. carding machines BEFAMA type CU 322 C (Ref. No. 2138163)
2500 mm working width, year of construction 1971. Two main cylinders. 

1 pc. carding machine SACFEM (Ref. No. 2137623).
2500 mm working width, year of construction 1973.
Pre carding with 2 workers/stripper.
Main swift with 4 workers/stripper and doffer.
Second main swift with 4 workers/stripper and doffer.
Electric details: 380 V, 50 cycles. Main motor 37 kW.
The machine is complete with SACFEM feed system and MONTENERO
fly comb. 

1 pc. carding machine FOR Webmaster WM2+2 (Ref. No. 2136680).
3000 mm working width, year of construction 1999.
The machine is mechanically okay, but the drives shall be replaced.


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