Stitchbonding machine

Maliwatt | Malivlies | Malimo and second hand Arachne machines (stitchbonding)

2 pcs. stitchbonding machines ARACHNE (Ref. No. 5168939).
Year of construction 1966 + 1970, second-hand.
1 machine type ARA-1800, manufactured 1970.
1 machine type ARA-P2, manufactured 1966. 
None of the machines has been used a lot and they have not been used
at the same time, because they were put in operation depending on






Wiper cloth machines 


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Tornado Textilmaschinen GmbH Import-Export is used textile machinery dealer from Germany / Europe. We offer surplus nonwovens equipment and pre-owned textile machinery for sale. We buy and sell second-hand stitchbonding machines such like Maliwatt and Arachne machines and also Malivlies and Malimo machines.  We welcome your offers and enquiries. Our special interest is for Maliwatt and Arachne machines right now.


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