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2 pcs. die cutting machines CHIESA (Ref. No. 5208674).
Machine 1:
Type SANSON F1 Baby. Construction year 1993. 
Machine 2:
Type SANSON F1. Construction year 2003. Punching power 30 tons. 

1 pc. die cutting machine DIAMAT (Ref. No. 5208610).
Year of construction 1995, second-hand.
The machine is well maintained and used daily. 2 tables are available. 

9 pcs. pneumatic forming presses (Ref. No. 5208778).
The machines are suitable for forming textile materials.
The smallest machine allows a width of 400 mm and a depth of 200 mm.
The largest machines allow a width of 600 mm and a depth of 250 mm. 
Control mainly KLÖCKNER-MÖLLER PS4. 

1 pc. die cutting press SCHÖN  (Ref. No. 5208165)
Year of construction 1973. 500 x 500 mm. 

1 pc. swing arm cutting press USM (Ref. No. 5208305).
24 tons pressing power, year of construction not known, second-hand.
Punching area 440 x 900 mm. 

1 pc. punch press cutter SCHÖN (Ref. No. 5208076).
Older model machine.
A lot of punching forms are available. 

1 pc. punching machine SANSON  (Ref. No. 5207982)
Year of construction approx. 1990.
Punching size approx. 1200 x 1000 mm.
Pressing power not known. 

1 pc. die cutting press (Ref. No. 5207638).
30 tons pressing power.
The travel head is 1000 x 1000 mm. The width is 2400 mm. 

1 pc. small punch press cutter Model B/36 (Ref. No. 5207602).
Year of construction 2008, used.
The little machine is suitable for carpet, textiles, rubber, plastics etc.
The scope of supply includes one square knife 100 x 100 mm and heavy
metal table with multiplex wooden deck. 

1 pc. punching machine for tiles (Ref. No. 5202051).
Year of construction ca. 1980.
400 x 400 mm tile size, guillotine type, used for trials only.


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