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1 pcs. bale press system with 2 bale presses AUTEFA / HAGEMANN
(Ref. No. 1158958). Year of construction 1990.
Fully automatic machines suitable for staple fibers.
Pressing area 1100 x 600 mm.
Capacity approx. 1000 kg / h.
Including foil bale packing unit HAGEMANN.
With weighing station.
Including an automatic conveyor system for the finished bales. 

1 pc. bale press HSM type 200 Textil (Ref. No. 1158856).
200 kN pressure, year of construction 1991, second-hand.
Bale press with exhaust air filter and feeding chute. 
Bale size: ca. 700 x 812 x 600/1200 mm.
Opening for filling ca. 600 x 620 mm.
Bale weight approx. 130 kg. 
Installed capacity ca. 13,2 kW. 
Hydraulic tubes re-newed in 2015.
Last security control in 2016. 
Weight approx. 4500 kg.
Machine dimensions approx. 5525 x 2535 x 2250 mm LxBxH. 

1 pc. automatic horizontal bale press ALDRICH W/20 (Ref. No. 1158827).
Year of construction estimated to be 2000, second-hand.
The bale press was used to press PA fibers. 
Bale dimensions: 1300 x 900 x 600 mm. 
Feeding chute: 800 x 700 mm. 
Bale press dimensions: ca. 5200 x 1150 x 2600 mm. 

1 pc. bale press PIFEROEN + CO. type H3D (Ref. No. 1158823).
25 tons pressing power, year of construction 1988, second-hand.
The bale press is a double chamber press which was used for pressing
second-hand textiles. The bale dimensions are designed to make the best
use of the space in a 40 'HC container (3 bales in height and 9 bales in
Electrics 3 x 380 V. 

1 pc. small bale press for textile waste HSM type VL 500.2
(Ref. No. 1158621). 

1 pc. bale press king-size baler for waste material ORWAK 3800
(Ref. No. 1158843). 24 tons, 240 kN press force.
Year of construction 2012, second-hand. Front loading.
Suitable for loads of cardboard boxes up to 1500 mm width.
Bale dimensions: 1500 x 800 x 1100 mm.  

1 pc. bale press (Ref. No. 1158543).
10 tons pressing power, year of construction not known. Motor 15 kW.
The manufacturer and the year of construction are not known because
the machine was purchased as a second hand one in 1989. 

1 pc. bale press PAAL (Ref. No. 1157726).
Year of construction 1999. 

1 pc. electric bale press (Ref. No. 1157646).
Carrousel type.

1 pc. electric bale press (Ref. No. 1157649).
With rolling bins. 


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