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1 pc. bale press HSM type 200 Textil (Ref. No. 1158856).
200 kN pressure, year of construction 1991, second-hand.
Bale press with exhaust air filter and feeding chute. 
Bale size: ca. 700 x 812 x 600/1200 mm.
Opening for filling ca. 600 x 620 mm.
Bale weight approx. 130 kg. 
Installed capacity ca. 13,2 kW. 
Hydraulic tubes re-newed in 2015.
Last security control in 2016. 
Weight approx. 4500 kg.
Machine dimensions approx. 5525 x 2535 x 2250 mm LxBxH. 

1 pc. automatic horizontal bale press ALDRICH W/20 (Ref. No. 1158827).
Year of construction estimated to be 2000, second-hand.
The bale press was used to press PA fibers. 
Bale dimensions: 1300 x 900 x 600 mm. 
Feeding chute: 800 x 700 mm. 
Bale press dimensions: ca. 5200 x 1150 x 2600 mm. 

1 pc. bale press PIFEROEN + CO. type H3D (Ref. No. 1158823).
25 tons pressing power, year of construction 1988, second-hand.
The bale press is a double chamber press which was used for pressing
second-hand textiles. The bale dimensions are designed to make the best
use of the space in a 40 'HC container (3 bales in height and 9 bales in
Electrics 3 x 380 V. 

1 pc. small bale press for textile waste HSM type VL 500.2
(Ref. No. 1158621). 

1 pc. bale press GUALCHIERANI GSA 2000/150 (Ref. No. 1158378).
Year of construction 2001, second-hand.
Fully automatic machine. 

1 pc. bale press king-size baler for waste material ORWAK 3800
(Ref. No. 1158843). 24 tons, 240 kN press force.
Year of construction 2012, second-hand. Front loading.
Suitable for loads of cardboard boxes up to 1500 mm width.
Bale dimensions: 1500 x 800 x 1100 mm.  

2 pcs. bale presses CONTINENTAL (Ref. No. 1158490).
The system is composed of two balers, a fiber condenser and a splitting
silo to receive the fibers from a tearing line. The silo distributes the fibers
on two balers.
The bale size is approx. 54 x 27 x 51 inches resp. 1370 x 685 x 1290 mm.
The weight of the bales is up to 660 lbs resp. 299 kg. 

1 pc. bale press PAAL (Ref. No. 1157726).
Year of construction 1999. 

1 pc. electric bale press (Ref. No. 1157646).
Carrousel type.

1 pc. electric bale press (Ref. No. 1157649).
With rolling bins. 


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