Shoulder pad production machine

Shoulder pad machines - used textile machinery
for shoulder pads

Gebrauchte Textilmaschinen für die Schulterpolster-Herstellung

1 pc. profile machine for foam shoulder pads (Ref. No. 2317434).
The machine makes a special cut into foam to get a profiled
foam pad. The machine is in an "as new" condition.

1 pc. foam bar cutting machine (Ref. No. 2317435).
 The machine is suitable to cut a foam bar for shoulder pad cutting
machines and is in a very good condition. 

5 pcs. foam cutting machines HUTTEMANN  (Ref. No. 2315885).

2 pcs. cutting machines for shoulder pad production HÜTTEMANN
(Ref. No. 5144768).
1 machine for fitted arm, 1 machine for Raglan, good condition.

1 pc. shoulder pad cutting machine HÜTTEMANN SRM-2R
(Ref. No. 2314685). Year of construction 1988, second-hand.

1 pc. shoulder pad cutting machine HÜTTEMANN SAM-03
(Ref. No. 2314686). Year of construction 1990, second-hand.

1 package of machines for shoulder pad production (Ref. No. 2314411).
The package is consisting of:
1.) Ironing machine for thermo forming - 3 pcs.
2.) Steam generator - 1 pc.
3.) FOMTEX cutting machine - 1 pc.
4.) FOMTEX special machine - 1 pc.
5.) Raglan cutting machine FOMTEX - 1 pc.
6.) Half-moon cutting machine FOMTEX - 1 pc.
7.) Block cutting machine KURIS - 1 pc.
8.) Overlock semi automatic machine UNION SPECIAL - 3 pcs.
9.) Coating machine for glue dot - 1 pc.
10.) Cylinder sewing machine ADLER - 3 pcs.
11.) Needle loom - 1 pc.

1 pc. auto pad filler machine FOMTEX HUTTEMANN KSM 1
(Ref. No. 231629-N). Year of construction 1998. In very good condition.


Special needle looms for shoulder pads like DILO SKE and similar


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