Machinery for medical and hygiene application

Used textile machinery for cosmetic, medical and hygiene application


Gebrauchte Textilmaschinen für Medizin, Kosmetik und Hygiene

1 pc. folding unit for wet wipe production TEKNOWEB Lotus 0620
(Ref. No. 2307515).
The equipment is suitable for the production of wet wipes made from
different raw materials. Suitable raw materials are:
Spunlace nonwoven web, cotton, nonwoven low density materials.
Material weight 40 to 60 grams per square-centimeter.
Max. roll diameter 1200 mm. Inner diameter of the paper sleeve: 76 mm.
Max. width of the roll: 500 mm. 
The scope of supply includes the following equipment:
Unwinding unit with automatic slitter. The unit is suitable to slit material in
2 lanes in a specified width.
Except for lotion tank, the line is equipped with a complete lotion dosing
Complete double system for wipes stacking.
Each unit has independent servo motors.
Double slitting module and conveyor belts included.
The line is equipped with 2 special cross folding modules for each lane
separately. Each module consists of folding and intermediate rollers
with internal capturing and folding unit.
The stacking unit is equipped with 1 lane stacks aligning unit.
A stainless steel lotion tank (ISI 316) for 800 liters is included.
Product specification:
Individual wipes stack - for further packing.
Product length 150 -- 220 mm. Product width 120 - 250 mm.
Height: 8 to 30 pieces, not higher than 45 mm. 
Power requirements: 15 kWt, 380 V AC 50 Hz + grounding/earth.
Compressed air 70 l/min. 
Required number of service staff: 1 operator. 

1 pc. paper tissues production line (Ref. No. 2307516).
The line is consisting of: 
2 pcs. converting machines. One machine is with flexo graphic printing
system for 2 colors and embossing unit, the second machine is with
embosser only.
Optional: Tissue odorization. Made in China. 
1 pc. packing machine IMAN PACK Italy. 
The line is suitable for 1, 2, 3 or 4 layers of paper.
Density: Within 40 to 80 grams per sqm. Creping grade not less than 6.
Mother roll diameter 1100 mm, core diameter 76 mm. 
Composition and thickness of the film in micrometers: 20 PP + 20 BOPP.
Other combinations of polymer materials can also be used. 
Tissue specification: 170*190 mm.
Folding types: Z-fold and W-fold. 
Installed electrical capacity 13,4 kWt, power consumption approx. 60 % of
the installed power. Water or compressed air are not required.
Space requirement approx. 6 m x 12 m. 

2 pcs. Zig Zag units (Ref. No. 2307244). 

1 pc. nonwoven swab folding machine  VARIO N2 (Ref. No. 2306227).
Year of construction 1994, used, with 3 formats.

1 pc. swab folding machine MABOTEX / MARUANI / MENEGATTI
(Ref. No. 2306226).
Year of construction 1989 + 1987 + 1984, used.
With packing machine and cartoner. 

1 pc. vertical form fill and seal machine KOPAS SK 200 F
(Ref. No. 5195782). Year of construction 2002.


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Used production lines for female hygiene products and baby diapers as well as used nonwoven lines for disposable bed sheets and similar are also listed in the category "Nonwoven lines for special application" if any are offered for sale at present.


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