Machinery for mattress and bedding

Used textile machinery for mattress, bedding and quilting industry

Gebrauchte Textilmaschinen für Matratzen- und Bettwaren-Fertigung


1 pc. mattress roll packing machine OFFICINA MECCANICA 2P.
Please see: Packing machines.

1 pc. down feather filling line LORCH type AFT 4A (Ref. No. 2308257).
Year of construction 2001, second-hand.
The machine has a double table, double weighting cells and 4 filling pipes.
Working principle:
During the fully automatic filling of one duvet on one of the tables with
automatic filling of the filling sections, a second cover can be prepared on
the second filling table. 

1 pc. mattress filling machine KSM (Ref. No. 2307933).
1600 mm working width, year of construction 1995, second-hand.
With infeed belt. Max. thickness 250 mm. 
The machine is in good condition. 

1 pc. pillow filling machine LORCH (Ref. No. 2307749).
Max. payload 10 kg. With reconditioned blower motor. 

1 pc. fiber blending and pillow filling line WISE IND. INC.
 (Ref. No. 2127745). 3000 mm working width.
The line is consisting of:
- 5 pcs. fiber opener.
- 1 pc. conveyor with motor, 1/2 HP, 1200 rpm.
- Bean weight in each opening.
- 1 pc. pre opener.
- 1 pc. blending unit before the Garnett line.
- 1 pc. shaker chute mounted on the feeder.
- 1 pc. Garnett with cylinders in perfect conditions.
- 1 pc. high speed lapper.
- 1 pc. high speed cross lapper.
- 1 pc. pillow filling unit on the left side.
- 1 pc. oven on the right side.
- Motors AC/DC. 
The line has a production capacity of approx. 500 pounds an hour.
The pillow filler has a capacity of 12 pillows per minute.

1 pc. mattress border machine EMIG (Ref. No. 5217637).
170 to 180 mm border width, year of construction approx. 2000.
The line is consisting of:
- Sewing head UNION (double chain stitch).
- Automatic settlement device.
- Unwinding rolls. Also automatic.
- Special equipment: Adjustable device for edges -
  flipping the textiles automatically. 

1 pc. sewing machine 4 heads for seat cushions PFAFF
(Ref. No. 5215760). Special machine !, 80 sewing points, which means
the machine is suitable for 20 cushions / minute.

1 pc. pillow seaming machine SCHMALE (Ref. No. 5214672).

1 pc. pillow seaming machine PFAFF (Ref. No. 5214674).

1 pc. seaming machine AKAB (Ref. No. 5214679).
The machine was mainly used for pillows. Seam widths of 10 mm,
20 mm and 30 mm are possible.
Previously used for approx. 4000 pillows seaming both sides in one
day shift.
The machine is approx. 16 years old.
One spare sewing head Union Spezial 56300 as well as one DOHLE
machine model 799 can be delivered with the machine.
The machine is simple in operation, of solid construction and ready to use.
We are informed the machine is in a very good condition and ready to
be used at once.

1 pc. pillow seaming machine PFAFF (Ref. No. 5214680).

2 pcs. pillow filling units NOWO (Ref. No. 2303726).
Year of construction 1989/1990 and 1999/2000.
With 2 filling boxes.
The machines can be delivered with an older carding machine for use as
an opening machine.


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