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1 pc. table tufting machine TABLE TUFTING TECHNOLOGY type Tuft-Lady
(Ref. No. 6118148).
12 needles, 3/16"gauge cut pile.
The machine is in a very good condition and complete with table and

2 pcs. table tufting machines BROADSTREET (Ref. No. 6118077).
24 needles. Cut pile machine. 3/8" gauge.
380 V. With cone rack for 24 cones for each machine.

1 pc. table tufting machine MMB (Ref. No. 6118078).
12 needles. 3/8" gauge.

1 pc. flower tuft machine BROADSTREET (Ref. No. 6118079).
2 needles. Cut pile, for flower patterns.

1 pc. scroll tufting machine VENOR (Ref. No. 6118080).
2 needles. Cut pile machine.

1 pc. scroll tufting machine BROADSTREET (Ref. No. 6118081).
3 needles scroll. Cut pile.

3 pcs. table tufting machines VENOR (Ref. No. 6118082).
1 needle. All machines are cut pile machines.

3 pcs. table tufting machines BROADSTREET (Ref. No. 6118083).
24 needles. 3/8" gauge cut pile.

2 pcs. table top tufters TEN-TEX  (Ref. No. 6118084).
8 needles. 5/8" gauge.

1 pc. table tuft machine TEN-TEX  (Ref. No. 6118085).
24 needles. 5/8" gauge. Cut pile.

15 pc. table tufting machine heads VENOR  (Ref. No. 6118086).
1 needle. Cut pile. Without table, without motor. Heads only.

5 pcs. table tufting machine heads TEN-TEX  (Ref. No. 6118087).
1 head with 12 needles, 3/8" gauge.
3 heads with 8 needles, 3/8" gauge.
1 head with 32 needles, 3/16" gauge.
All machines are for cut pile.

4 pcs. table tufting machine heads  (Ref. No. 6118088).

1 pc. tufting machine CHATTANOOGA  (Ref. No. 6118089)
24 needles. 3/16" gauge, cut pile. With single needle control. 

1 pc. handtufting machine package HOFMANN (Ref. No. 6117891).
The package for handtuft carpets consists of the following: 
1 pc. handtufting machine HOFMANN with various accessories and
1 pc. tufting frame made from wood, own solid construction. With welded
   holder for a balancer. Inner width: approx. 2800 x 1600 mm.
1 package pins for the frame (never used - for spare).
1 package backing material, approx. 30 - 40 sqm.
1 pc. compressor, 50 l. 

1 pc. frame for handtufting (Ref. No. 6117630).
Size: 3500 mm x 2400 mm height. 


Second-hand tufting machines up to 3.999 mm working width
Second-hand carpet tufting machines (wide width)
Second-hand pass tufting machines and table tufting machines


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