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1 pc. wide width weaving loom JÜRGENS (Ref. No. 4128389).
12000 mm working width. The working width of the machine is 12 meters!
The machine is one of the largest looms in Europe.
(Special conditions for museums are possible.) 

4 pcs. tape weaving machines VARITEX V5Ni 2/110 (Ref. No. 4127936).
Year of construction 2006, used machines.
2 weaving heads per loom. Front reed width = max. 110 mm.
Number of installed heald frames: 10. Regulator = 3.5 - 36.7 picks/cm.
Repeat = 16 - 48, pattern chain. AC motor 1,1 kW.
Main voltage 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, with neutral conductor. 
Rack for one cone per weft and binder thread.
Weaving kit: 500 healds, 500 droppers, 240 links with clips.
50 latch needles weaving system I.
2 x 25 latch needles weaving system II. 
Basic equipment:
Basic machine according to the before mentioned specification.
FKR take-off rollers with Vulkolan coating.
Weft feeder MUTRANS2. 
Each machine will be supplied with JAKOB MULLER take roller. 
The machines are in a very good condition. 

2 pcs. hand weaving looms (Ref. No. 4127813).
One of the machines is fully operational. The other machine has been
used for taking spare parts. The inner width of the beam is 2170 mm,
the creel has a width of 1450 mm. 

10 pcs. weaving machines PICANOL OMNI F-2-P (Ref. No. 4127717)
2200 mm working width, year of construction 1998. 2 colours.
Excenter machines, max. 8 shafts possible.
Incl. 2 weft feeders for each machine.
Warp beam 1000 mm. Warp thread control KASUAGA. 

3 pcs. tape production machines BONAS VARITEKS (Ref. No. 4127612).
Year of construction 1978. 380 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz.
Motor 24 V, 4,2 Amp, motor 1,5 kW.
The machines were previously used for curtain tape production and
are in working condition. 

7 pcs. weaving machines PICANOL OMNI F-2-E (Ref. No. 4127251).
2200 mm nominal width, year of construction 1998.
Max. 6 shafts. Suitable for 2 colours.  


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