Weaving accessory machines

Machinery used in weaving industry, second hand knotting machines and warp tying machines

1 pc. knoting machine KNOTEX  (Ref. No. 4308328).

1 pc. infeed machine FISCHER POEGE  (Ref. No. 4308329). 

1 pc. knoting machine with frame KNOTEX type X001 A+B
(Ref. No. 4308253). Year of construction 1978.
Frame type KR1. Year of construction 1998. 

3 pcs. dobbies STÄUBLI type 2861 (Ref. No. 4308212).
20 shaft drives, year of construction 2005, second-hand.
Including shaft drives. 

1 pc. drawing in machine USTER DELTA 200 (Ref. No. 4308151).
2200 mm working width, year of construction 1993, second-hand.
Suitable for totally 28 shafts - presently used for 20 shafts. 

146 pcs. shafts for PICANOL machines (Ref. No. 4128098).
As new condition. J type wires. 

1 pc. knotting machine FISCHER-POEGE (Ref. No. 4305899).
Year of construction 1975, with frame.

1 pc. lift for warp beams HUBTEX 2,5 TS4D (Ref. No. 4304862).
Year of construction 1998, second-hand.
215 working hours only.


Warping and beaming machines


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