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1 pc. two-for-one twisting machine with assembly winder
VOLKMANN VTS 07-3.17 (Ref. No. 3188681).
132 spindles, year of construction 1983, second-hand.
Volcojet threading. Cylindrical sleeves 5", can be modified to 6".
Previous number of working hours: approx. 58.000 hours. 
Together with:
1 pc. assembly winder HIRSCHBURGER type NSK 150 D. 

7 pcs. two-for-one twisting machines VOLKMANN VTS 08
(Ref. No. 3188626). 144 spindles each machine.
Year of construction 1980/1981. Spindle distance 245 mm.
Pot 170 mm length. Pot 160 mm width. Sleeve 5" 420.
Infeed of the thread manually.
Two of the machines are with balloon control ring. 
Previous working hours: between 32000 and 82000 hours. 
Machine length 21090 mm. Machine width 1040 mm.
Machine height 1840 mm. Weight of the machine 3,8 tons. 

1 pc. two-for-one twister SIMA T2T R99 (Ref. No. 3178624).
Year of construction 1989, second-hand.
10.000 to 100.000 den.
The machine is suitable for natural and synthetic fibers. 

7 pcs. twisting machines RATTI type R325N / 96 / 8 (Ref. No. 3178280).
Year of construction 2001 - 2007, second-hand.
The machines are equipped with 96 NT 180 spindles.
Between 2012 and 2016, the spindles were changed from NT 240 to
NT 180. The majority of the machines is equipped with flat steel
overfeeding rollers and ceramic over feeders.
The mother bobbin is 10 inches, the take up bobbin is 8 inches. 
3 machines were manufactured in 2007.
2 machines were manufactured in 2004.
2 machines were manufactured in 2001. 
Two machines of 2007 and one machine of 2001 are equipped with
frequency converters. 
Energy supply 400 V, 50 Hz.  

2 pcs. two-for-one twisting machines BARMAG WT1E
WISPER TWISTER (Ref. No. 3186124).
160 spindles, year of construction 1980, second-hand.
160 spindles in vertical arrangement in 10 sections of
16 spindles each. The machines are prepared for
flat and textured filament yarn in a dtex range of 30 to 550.
Spindle speed is 7000 to 15000 1/min,
the twist range is 50 - 3000 T/m. The take up speed
is up to 300 m/min when using a high-speed traverse motion.
Last renovations done in 2010: bearings, belt, slider exchange. 


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