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2 pcs. plotter MIMAKY JVS-160S (Ref. No. 7178554).
4 printing heads EPSON Micro-Piezo. 8 ink channels.
180 nozzles per channel. Speed approx. 60 sqm/h.
No. 1 plotter is in a very good condition.
No. 2 plotter needs some spare parts (printing heads).
Both plotters have been set with a special belt that allows to print either
on roll fabric or on a garment. They are suitable for direct print with
reactive or pigment inks.
A dedicated software "Smartprint" is installed together with the color
finder "Smarcolor". 

1 pc. printing machine for cloth STORK TC 131 (Ref. No. 7177211).
1700 mm working width, year of construction 1990. Optional:
Approx. 100.000 m printing paper with different designs, classic and
modern as well as leather imitation.

1 pc. fixing press / thermo transfer paper sampling press LOTUS
Model LTS / 209 (Ref. No. 8306426).
Year of construction 1996.
Bonding / transfer area: 900 x 500 mm.
Heating element 3600 W. Temperature 60-220C.
Pressing power 0-600 gr/sqm. 220 / 380 V.
Weight approx. 95 kg.  

1 pc. vinyl production line STORK (Ref. No. 7177753).
1200 mm max. printing width, year of construction please see below.
The line is consisting of: 
- STORK machine type PD IV / 1200.
  Year of construction 1985, modernized in 2010 to PD V standards. 
- 2 pcs. rewinding machines FRASTAN.
- 1 pc. double width winding machine.
- 1 pc. double ceel washing machine for screens RENZMANN.
- 1 pc. washing machine for barrels RENZMANN.
- 3 pcs. Plastisol horseshoe mixers.
- approx. 20 pcs. Plastisol tanks for 400 kg plus
  approx. 15 pieces for 1200 kg.
- After burner installation of noxious vapors PFLOCK + MECKELER
  type VI-13.0. Year of construction 2001.
  Size 28 x 5 x 5 m.   Capacity of exhausted air max. 15000 qbm/h. 
The STORK machine is a one head machine with six printing stations. The
capacity is approx. 500 rolls per hour resp. approx. 2.000.000 per year. 
Mechanical speed 5 - 100 m/min.
Working speed 40 - 70 m/min.
Heated by gas burners.
Length 65 m. Length of blowing oven: 30 m.
Sensor system of gas leakage.
Modernization in 2010 to achieve automatic register system:
- Introducing of automatic register - achieved accuracy +/- 0,15 mm.
- New DC servo (actuator) for conditioning station.
- New DC servo (actuator) for rotogravure printing station.
- Update of software for line control. 
The first station is equipped with a rotogravure cylinder, but it was never
taken into operation. The embossing cylinder at that station was removed
and is no longer available because it was not required in production. 
The dryers and conditioning have gas burners.
The line is equipped with a heat recovery system which was used to heat
the entire building in winter times.
Also installed: After burner vapor burning system. 

1 pc. printing press MEYER C-Presse AHV-1690 (Ref. No. 7177000).
Year of construction 1975, second-hand.
The MEYER C-Press is suitable for automatic fixing and cooling of different
textile parts. The machine is a hydraulic vertical fixing press resp. ironing
press with a variable adjustment of temperature, time and pressure.
The cooling station adapted left is also variable as regards to
temperature, time and pressure. The advance is controlled by SPS and by
a programmable frequency controller for variable speed, advance and
stop control. The glue station has an upper heater with adjustable
temperatures. The temperature is measured by temperature control
PT-100. The heating circuit is controlled and gives an alarm if one of the
heating rods is not working correctly. 
Technical data of the gluing station AHV-1490:
380 Volt, 23 kW electrical capacity.
Hydraulic pressure max. 250 bar.
Temperature max. 200C. 
Cooling station left: FRICO MEC (Legnago, Verona Italy). Modell 120*250.
Gas 12-22-502-134a. 28 bar. Volume 2,3. 
The machine is well maintained and in good function.

1 pc. transfer printing machine KLIEVERIK TTC 151 / 3500
(Ref. No. 7175323).
3500 mm roller width, year of construction 2000, second-hand.
Max. working width 3200 mm, drum diameter 1350 mm.
The mechanical speed is 2-35 m/min.
230/600 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz.

1 pc. transfer printing machine STORK BRABANT TC 131
(Ref. No. 7175325).
1800 mm material width, year of construction 1980, second-hand.
The Stork TC 131 is a thermo-oil heat transfer machine used for the heat
transfer of designs from heat-transfer paper to a large variety of textiles.
The major product specifications are as follows:
Textile width (max) 1800 mm / 71 inches.
Diameter textile roll (max) 300 mm / 12 inches.
Transfer paper width (max) 1820 mm / 71,7 inches.
Machine speed (min) 2 m / 2.2 yards per minute.
Machine speed (max) 7 m / 7.6 yards per minute.
Heated drum temperature (max) 240 C / 464 F.
Electrical connection 380 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz.
Thermo-oil total capacity 400 litres / 104 gallons (US).
Calender dimension - length 2115 mm / 83 inches.
Calender dimension - width 2860 mm / 112,7 inches.
Calender dimension - height 2105 mm / 83 inches.
Weight of equipment 4000 kg / 8800 pounds.
The Stork Transfer Printing machine is also equipped with a brushing unit
for processing flocked goods and a high volume extractor fan. 

1 pc. textile printing machine / fusing machine KANNEGIESSER
type Starlet Compact CC 500 (Ref. No. 7177642).
500 mm working surface, year of construction 1997, second-hand.
The machine is in good condition.
Electrical drive system, electric power 5,5 kW.
Fusing time 2-8 m/min. Pressing power 1-32 N/cm.
Fusing temperature 0 - 200C.
Weight of the machine: 470 kg.
Dimensions of the infeed 1300 x 1050 mm. 

1  pc. dye preparation for printing lines DIS DALTON USA
(Ref. No. 7174227). Year of construction 1993.
The machine is suitable for making print paste (for rotary printers) and is
consisting of:
Boiler for pre heat 4 x 500 l.
Thickener station 2 x 6000 l and 2 x 1000 l.
Tank for cleaning bath 1 x 1000 l.
Further tanks for dye paste 7 x 600 l, 10 x 1500 l, 3 x 3000 l.
All tanks are with necessary mixers, pipes and control components.


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