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1 complete sewing factory (Ref. No. 8116582).
The machine package consists of approx. 50 machines suitable for
production of approx. 400 pieces of clothes per day, such like robes,
trousers and skirts. The scope of supply includes industrial sewing
machines manufactures by DÜRKOPP ADLER, JUKI, MITSUBISHI, VEIT
and BRISAY. Various special machines such like Zig-Zag, overlock, reece,
button, sleeves, pocket, double-drag and heat sealing machines are
included. Steam generators and compressors are also available. 

We got knowledge that within the next resp. the next few years a few
complete textile factories will become available for sale because the
present owners wish to retire. The details of the plants are not published
on our Internet pages, but if you plan any larger investment in one of the
various fields of the textile industry and like to buy a complete textile
plant or a complete running textile business, we would be most glad to
receive your enquiries.


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