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1 pc. un-winder and re-winder CAMPEN (Ref. No. 5118539).
1300 - 2500 mm material width, year of construction 1996.
Speed 10 - 100 m/min. Reverse mode possible. Line control SIEMENS SPS.
DC drives for unwinder and rewinder, D.C. with frequency control for the
fault material drive.
Air pressure approx. 7 bar. Electrics 3 x 400/230 V, 50 Hz. 

Ca. 250 pcs. A-frames (Ref. No. 5118531). 

1 pc. winding and doubling machine MENSCHNER type RW 24/590
(Ref. No. 5118489). Year of construction 1991, second-hand.
The machine has not been used since approx. 2006 and is stored in dry
storage. Previously used for fabrics for outerwear, approx. 1600/1700 mm
wide, doubled on card board ca. 700//800 mm. 

1 pc. hydraulic roll winder to wind on A-frames BASTIAN
(Ref. No. 5118426). 3400 mm working width, year of construction 1998.
Due to urgent space requirement the machine is available for immediate
sale at a low price. 

1 pc. winding machine / spooling head CALEMARD type
SPECIAL AQUILA (Ref. No. 5118384).
Year of construction 2014, used.
Max. speed 100 m/min.
Max. width of the stripes to be unrolled: 5 to 20 mm.
Max. dimensions on roll up side: 400 mm diameter x 300 mm.
Max. weight for re-rolling: 10 kg. 

1 pc. automatic turret winder WINDERWORKS AutoWoven I 1800
(Ref. No. 5118259). 2200 mm material width, 2400 mm roller width.
With automatic cross cut system.
Suitable for nonwovens and nonwoven-foil-compounds of 50 to 300
gr/sqm. Max. roll weight: 900 kg.
Max. unwind diameter: 1200 mm for large rolls.
(Min. 50 m on short roll operation.)
Winding sleeve: 3 inches and 2 inches card board. 
Longitudinal cutting device: 4 x scissor's cut (3 x + 2 x edge trim).
Min. 100 mm cutting width. 
With 2 winding places (revolver type). 
Production speed: 10 - 70 m/min at present, up to 100 m/min possible. 
Tension: 50 - 800 N. CPU SIEMENS S7.

1 pc. unwinder with pre heat system KRÖGEL (Ref. No. 5118260).
2200 mm working width. Roller width: 2400 mm.
Machine speed: 5 - 100 m/min.
The production speed is depending on the product.
Suitable materials are nonwovens and foil of PES and PP, material weight
foil approx. 250 gr/sqm. Material thickness: 3,2 - 10 mm. 
Sleeves 76 mm diameter x 6 mm, card board. 
Unwind diameter: Nonwovens: 1500 mm - 400 kg. Foil: 500 mm - 800 kg. 
The 2-roller pre heat system is consisting of two thermal oil heated rollers
of 800 mm diameter. The roller temperature is approx. 80°C. 

1 pc. line end for nonwoven lines AUTEFA / MOHR (Ref. No. 5118147).
5400 mm working width, year of construction 1989/1991, second-hand.
The package is composed of:
- Flying knife AUTEFA. 5400 mm working width.
  Year of construction ca. 1991.
  Driven blade approx. 700 mm diameter, moving
  according to material speed.
  Especially suitable for insulation materials of 1000 to
  4000 gr/sqm.
- Cross cutter for smooth cuts and perforated cuts.
  AUTEFA type C 132. 5500 mm working width.
  Year of construction ca. 1991. Up to 25 m/min.
  Up to 30 cuts per minute. Suitable for material thickness
  of up to 200 mm.
- Exit conveyor with semi-automatic roll up MOHR.
  5400 mm working width. Year of construction ca. 1989.
  Up to 20 m/min for materials starting at 50 gr/sqm. 

1 pc. unwinder / rewinder (Ref. No. 5118216).
3200 mm working width, year of construction 2000, used.

1 pc. edge guidance BIANCO type Guida Compact CE
(Ref. No. 5118217). 2200 mm working width, year of construction 1999.
2400 mm roller width. Velocita max m/min 120. 

1 pc. winder ACELLI type 602 (Ref. No. 5117966).
2300 mm working width, year of construction 1996, second-hand.
The machine is designed for the automatic winding of nonwovens of
10 - 120 gr/sqm. The web tensions is 20 - 200 N/m.
The web width is 2300 mm. Reel max. diameter 1500 mm.
Spool face length 2500 mm. Spool diameter 6 inches.
Drive drum face length 2500 mm. Drive drum diameter 500 mm.
The production speed is up to 180 m/min.
The threading speed is 10 m/min.
Drive system AC motor. Type of motors: IP 55, forced ventilated.
Compressed air 6 bar clean and dry. 
The winder is equipped with:
Air blowers as threading aid to thread the web to the drive drum.
Automatic tension control by means of load cells mounted on an idle roll to
avoid false reading of the tension.
Nipping rolls, positioned before the winder, consisting of 2 rolls (one
rubberized) actuated by pneumatic cylinders thus facilitating the web
introduction between the rolls and motorized by an independent electric
Bowed spreader roll installed before the drum to assure flat web during
winding. The axle has a fixed bow but its orientation can be adjusted by
means of a manual worm gearbox.
Drive steel drum with tungsten carbide coating to increase web grip.
Two primary arms to transferring the spool from the loading position to
the horizontal tracks.
Arms, supporting the spool during winding, actuated by pneumatic
cylinders working at adjustable pressure in order to adjust the adherence
of the reel to the drive drum.
Cross cutting knife for the cross cut of the web and its transferring on the
new spool. The sequence takes place at production speed without need
of accumulator or speed reduction.
´- IN LINE SLITTING SYSTEM assembled ahead of the winder
and composed by an expandable shaft carrying the grooved counter
knives (with manual adjustment ) and 6 pneumatic slitters type PC 130
(no. 2 for edge trim) assembled on a steel dovetail beam for their rapid
positioning in order to reach a slitting accuracy of +/- 0,5mm. 
Designed load back the unwound shaft from the unwind stand of the slitter-rewinder to the winder. 
- DRIVE SYSTEM consisting in a main motor coupled to a reduction gear
both installed on a steel plate. 
- CONTROL DESK consisting in a cabinet carrying all the pneumatic and
electric controls necessary to perform winding and doffing.
The speed of the winder, even if synchronized with the production line,
can be increased or decreased by +/- 10% approx. in order to maintain
the desired web tension.
The doffing of the reel is automatically performed in sequences, stages and with the proper interlocks by a PLC. 

1 pc. simple winder JAMES BAILEY  (Ref. No. 5117764).
3800 mm working width.
Simple winder with small control, both rollers are driven independently. 

1 pc. doubling and rolling machine MENSCHNER RW 33 D
(Ref. No. 5117756). 3200 mm working width, year of construction 1984. 

1 pc. accumulator MENZEL  (Ref. No. 5116814).
2700 mm working width, year of construction 1992.
Content approx. 8 meters.

1 pc. circumferential winder self-made  (Ref. No. 5116816).
2600 mm working width, year of construction 1992.

1 pc. circumferential winder self-made (Ref. No. 5116798).
2600 mm working width, year of construction 1992.

1 pc. accumulator MENZEL  (Ref. No. 5116797).
2700 mm working width, year of construction 1992.
Content approx. 8 m. 

1 pc. Accumulator MENZEL (Ref. No. 5115910).
2700 mm working width, year of construction 1992.
Suitable for approx. 8 meters.

1 pc. circumferential wind up (Ref. No. 5115911).
2600 mm working width, year of construction 1992.
Drive controlled by hydraulic.

1 pc. center winder (Ref. No. 5113222).
2700 mm working width, year of construction 1996, never used.
With 3 A-frames, speed 3-30 m/min.
Including switch board and drive.
Main drive frequency controlled 1,2 kW.
Max. winding diameter 1600 mm.
Connection of drive neck 900 mm (nicking 500 mm).


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