Carpet overlocking machine

Overlocking machines second hand | Fringing and carpet overlocking machinery

4 pcs. overlocking machines UNION SPEZIAL Herakles 81200AF
(Ref. No. 5188337). The machines are checked-through. 

1 pc. fringes machine COMEZ (Ref. No. 5188073).
1200 mm working width. The machine has 4 needles per cm.
Needle spacing 1 x 3. 380 V. 

7 pcs. overlocking machines RIMOLDI  (Ref. No. 5217985).

1 pc. fringing machine TITAN DK 2200 (Ref. No. 5217297).
The machine is mounted on a table and has an infinitely variable
adjustable motor. 

2 pcs. overlocking machines for wipes RIMAC S.R.L. ITALY
model SORFILA 4T (Ref. No. 5216924). Year of construction 2005.
The machines are suitable for overlocking of all 4 sides of wiper cloth,
sample materials, table cloth, napkins etc. It can handle round or square
corners. The capacity is approx. 1000 wipes in 8 hours resp. 3 to 4 wipes
per minute at size 300 x 300 mm.
- Automatic cutting from roll.
- Overlocking of all 4 sides.
- Stacking of the finishes products.
- Yarn control. 
Possible dimensions of the wipes:
Approx. min 150 x 150 mm, max. 1000 x 1000 mm.
Programming of approx. 30 programs possible.
220 V, 50-60 Hz, approx. 2000 W. 
Net weight approx. 595 kg. Dimensions approx. 1300 x 4100 mm. 

1 pc. fringing machine TITAN (Ref. No. 5186641).
The total number of working hours done with the machine is low.
It has been used less than 250 hours in total. 

1 pc. automatic overlocking machine TITAN DK 3500
(Ref. No. 5186172).
Year of construction 2001, second-hand.
Previously used for car mats and stair mats. 


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