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1 pc. double doffer carding machine ERKO type EK 150
(Ref. No. 2138090). 2500 mm working width.
Year of construction 2000, reconditioned in 2004.
The machine is like HERGETH H-type-machines. The basic machine frame
is a HERGETH H-type machine from approx. 1990 rebuilt by ERKO.
The carding line is composed of:
Card feeder with 1 Fiber separator EFAS.
Feeding chute ERS 900.
Vibrafeed EVF-H.
Band scale.
ERKO carding machine EK 150 with frame and platform.
Visualization for feeding card, scale Visualization by SIMATIC OP77A.
Control of process data by receipt processing.
Memory for default and shift data; Modem for remote service.
Control SIEMENS S7/300.

1 pc. carding machine BONINO (Ref. No. 2138167).
3500 mm working width, year of construction 1980s / rebuilt in
2001/2002. The capacity is depending on fibers and other parameters;
the machine is running 900 kg/h at present with recycled PET fiber.
In 2001 / 2002 the machine has been restructured with independent
inverter for working cylinders, for delivery groups and for the feeding
system. Also for doffers, entrance, computerized feeding balance and
charging machine. The feeder is of traditional type, with pin feeder belt
with inverter. The balance with load cell is controlled by a computerized
On special request, we could include a cross lapper AUTOMATEX with
3500 mm infeed width and 6300 mm lay down width. The nominal speed
of the lapper is 60 to 65 m/min, the construction year is 1997. 

1 pc. carding machine with feeder and scale HERGETH type KSP-C138
(Ref. No. 2138437). 2500 mm working width, year of construction 1971.
Single doffer carding machine with single take-off roller.
Well maintained according to manual and in good condition.
Max. speed of the main cylinder: 1200 r/min. Max. output speed 60 m/min.
Previously used for fibers PES, PP, Nomex, P84, PPS, Panox, Pyron and
The web weight is in the range of 15 to 25 grams per square meter. 
The machine is with edge suction system. 
The infeed hopper is made by HERGETH and has a working width of
2500 mm. The infeed scale system is relatively new from construction year
2014, brand type PROTEC model BW2500. 
The top cover is with electronic opening system. A safety fence is installed
underneath the machine. Electrical cabinets are available. The card is
complete with platform and safety fences. 

2 pcs. carding machines OCTIR SAS (Ref. No. 2138162)
2500 mm working width. The machines have one main cylinder.

3 pcs. carding machines BEFAMA type CU 322 C (Ref. No. 2138163)
2500 mm working width, year of construction 1971. Two main cylinders. 

2487 kg of new card clothing ECC / WOLTERS-PLATT / BEKAERT
(Ref. No. 2138068). 

1 pc. carding machine SACFEM (Ref. No. 2137623).
2500 mm working width, year of construction 1973.
Pre carding with 2 workers/stripper.
Main swift with 4 workers/stripper and doffer.
Second main swift with 4 workers/stripper and doffer.
Electric details: 380 V, 50 cycles. Main motor 37 kW.
The machine is complete with SACFEM feed system and MONTENERO
fly comb. 

1 pc. carding machine FOR Webmaster WM2+2 (Ref. No. 2136680).
3000 mm working width, year of construction 1999.
The machine is mechanically okay, but the drives shall be replaced.


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