Jacquard weaving machine

Jacquard weaving machines and second hand jacquard heads

1 pc. jacquard head and gantry STÄUBLI LX 1600B (Ref. No. 4138373). 

3 pcs. Jacquard machines STÄUBLI (Ref. No. 4138316).
A.) Type CX 870-L5 / C0F1. Construction year 1997.
B.) Type CX870-L535 / C0F1. Construction year 1999.
C.) Type CX880-BFM / C0F1. Construction year 2005. 

12 pcs. gripper weaving looms PICANOL Jacquard Gamma-8-J
(Ref. No. 4138144).
1900 mm working width, year of construction 1997 + 1998.
Jacquard machine STÄUBLI CX 880. 1320 hooks.
Incl. harnesses and Jacquard frame. 

1 pc. Graphic Design Station Silicon Graphics (Ref. No. 830980-N).
Year of construction ca. 1998.
EAT (Jacquard + dobby).
Indy graphic machine, PC.
Monitor 20" and 17", 2 Digitalizer.
1 Canon colour printer and scanner.
Incl. accessories, suitable for jacquard and dobby designs for weaving.


Used weaving machines without jacquard


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Tornado Textilmaschinen GmbH Import-Export is used textile machinery dealer from Germany. We offer surplus nonwovens equipment and pre-owned textile machinery for sale. We buy and sell second-hand jacquard heads for weaving looms and used jacquard weaving machines. Your offers and enquiries will be appreciated.


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