Inspection machine

Inspection machines, second hand inspection tables for textile and nonwovens, carpet and fabric

2 pcs. fabric inspection tables (Ref. No. 5178336).
1900 mm working width.
One of the machines has a length measuring unit.
The condition of the machines is good. One of the machines has a
damaged motor which needs to be replaced. 

1 pc. winder/rewinder and inspection machine (Ref. No. 5178330).
3200 mm working width. 

1 pc. inspection machine MENZEL (Ref. No. 5178277).
1800 mm roller width, year of construction 2000.
Material width 1600 mm. 
Unwind diameter max. 600 mm.
Unwind diameter min. 50 mm. 
Outside dimensions:
Approx. 2800 mm width x 2500 mm height x 3000 mm length.

1 pc. fabric inspection table MASCHINENBAU MENGEN LIZENZ GMÖHLING
type P11 (Ref. No. 5178301).
2000 mm working width. Construction year 1968.
The machine can roll forwards and backwards, has a table with light and
is ready to use. 

1 pc. fabric inspection machine with cross cutter ASCO
(Ref. No. 5178292). 1800 mm working width, year of construction 1998.
The machine is similar to the today's model "Tango" of ASCO.
The machine is suitable for rewinding of cloth rolls. The material can be
inspected and cut at the desired length. The voltage is 230 V. 
The total width of the machine is ca. 2120 mm. 

1 pc. fabric inspection machine  (Ref. No. 5178246).
1600 mm working width, year of construction ca. 1990, second-hand.
The machine is in good condition and has a low number of total working

4 pcs. fabric inspection machines MENZEL (Ref. No. 5178215).
1800 - 2200 mm roller width, year of construction 1976 - 1991.
From A-frame to A-frame.
1 machine yoc 1976, 1.800 mm roller width.
1 machine yoc 1983, 1.800 mm roller width.
1 machine yoc 1991, 2000 mm roller width.
1 machine yoc 1984, 2.200 mm roller width. 

2 pcs. fabric inspection machines C-TEK (U.K.) (Ref. No. 5177960).

1 pc. inspection and opening machine for knitted goods WEISS
(Ref. No. 5177888). Year of construction 2004.
The machine is in a very good condition.
The machine is suitable for inspection and for opening knitted goods like
single jersey and single elastic. 

1 pc. "On loom" fabric inspection BARCO VISION Cyclops 3 SC BL
(Ref. No. 5177849). 2800 mm nominal width, year of construction 2011.
Cyclops system with single camera based electronic unit for a nominal
width of 2800 mm. Speed 540 mm per second - BL-standard material
feeding bar.
- Blue light.
- Extension of the DU5P by a RS422 communication card.
  (Weft counter, stop of the weaving loom if faults are too many.) 

1 pc. cloth inspection machine MAAG (Ref. No. 5177591).
1950 mm max. working width, year of construction 2001.
Center winder for controlled advance and back drive. 

1 pc. cutting and inspection machine WEISS (Ref. No. 5177403).
2500 mm inspection field width.
Complete with a CALATOR roll up machine to wind on A-Frames.
Roll weight up to 400 kg. 


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