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2 pcs. Autocoro SCHLAFHORST ACO-288 (SE-10) (Ref. No. 3168191).
240 rotors, year of construction 1997. Type SRK. Nozzle KN 4.
Rotors T 231 BD. Yarn control. Exit conical 4°20, 6" traverse.
Clearers Barco COROLAB 7. Spinning Box SE-10.
1 Shuttle for 240 spindles. 2 ASW. With waxing device.
Large belt for waste removal. Cone delivery by two belts.
2 main motors, driven by frequency inverter, 380 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz.
Combing roller B 174. With electronic yarn break detector. 

3 pcs. Autocoro SCHLAFHORST-SÜSSEN ACO-240 (SE-08/SC1-M)
(Ref. No. 3168192). 216 rotors, year of construction 1988-1995.

1 pc. Autocoro SCHLAFHORST ACO-240 (SE-08) (Ref. No. 3168193).
216 rotors, year of construction 1988. 

1 pc. rotor spinning machine (Ref. No. 3168035).
With SE 10. 

2 pcs. open end rotor spinning machines KOSTROMA (Russia)
type PPM-10 (Ref. No. 3167483).
10 bobbins, year of construction 1990, second-hand.
Approx. 100 mm rotor diameter, feed rolls 58 mm and 130 mm.
6,25 kW. 

3 pcs. friction spinning machines FEHRER DREF (Ref. No. 3167431).
1 pc. DREF  II with 12 heads, year of construction 1981.
2 pcs. DREF II with 6 heads each machine, year of construction 1979. 

1 large package of spare parts for RIETER rotor spinning machine R 20
(Ref. No. 8326543). The spare parts package has a value of approx.
EUR 25.000,--. A detailed listing of the parts is available on request. 


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