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2 pcs. fine opener HDB HOUGET DUESBERG BOSSON (Ref. No. 1128643).
Year of construction 2005 + 2007, second-hand.
Machine 1 is made in 2007.
Machine 2 is made in 2005, type FTO.
One of the fine opener has a feeding chute. 

1 pc. hemp breaker unit DEMAITERE Breaker 1,7 (Ref. No. 1128559).
1700 mm working width.
The machine is a high capacity hemp breaker unit with 6 pairs of breaker
rolls. The working width is 1700 mm, with unloading conveyor.
2 x 11 kW main motors. Last used in production 2016 for three months. 
The breaker unit comes with supporting stand (height about 1200 mm) to
allow shives collecting conveyor belt below the machine. There is also an
unloading conveyor (approx. 1700 x 1000 mm) attached after last pair of
The machine is controlled by two Vacon frequency controllers which are
easy to attach to any existing PLC. Pneumatically controlled upper rollers -
also easy to lift rollers up for maintenance.

1 pc. dosing opener TEMAFA DONZ (Ref. No. 1128561).
Year of construction ca. 2015.
The dosing opener is designed for the storage of fibres and for controlled
material supply to downstream units, e.g. card hopper or web former. Also
acts as fiber opener. The main motor for the drum is 11 kW.

1 pc. breaker for hemp and flax VANHAUWAERT (Ref. No. 1128562).
1100 mm roller width. With pneumatically controlled rollers. 
The capacity is between 400 and 700 kgs per hour depending on material
This machine can be used in decortication process to break stems into
smaller pieces. The frame of the breaker is modified to allow infeed either
from top or side. 
The year of construction is not known, but breaker seems to be from
2000s and itīs manufactured by a company specialized in hemp and flax
Ideally this would be part of farm-scale or R+D decortication line. 
A slide was installed to allow biomass fall from wide conveyor belt into

1 pc. Picker (Ref. No. 1128536).
Year of construction 1996. Main drive 160 kW.
The tambour has 5000 pins.
The infeeds are frequency controlled.
Material feeding by swing conveyor. 

3 pcs. fine opener LAROCHE FIRST 2000 (Ref. No. 1128487).
1 Unit is in storage.
2 further units will be removed from production in October 2017. They
have some more wear on the infeed roll and need work on the rubber
covering of infeed roll, and on the control. Estimated costs are in the
range of USD 1000. 

3 pcs. fine opener LAROCHE FIRST (Ref. No. 1128262).
1500 mm working width, second-hand.
The two machines are technically okay. The third machine is complete
but with a broken frame and is therefore good for spare parts. Also
available: a newly groomed carding roll for the machines. 

1 pc. Pneuma opener TEMAFA (Ref. No. 1126753).
Year of construction 1993. 


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