Staple fibers produced on extrusion line

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1 package of godets RETECH (Ref. No. 3238553).
Large godets: 160 mm diameter. Length 230.
Totally 18 pieces available; 8 pieces left/right.
Small godets: 120 mm diameter. Length 155.
The condition is very good. The godets have only been used in a pilot line.
The godets are heated. Electric diagrams are available. 
Dimensions of the switch board: Approx. 3200 x 600 x 2100 mm. 
Godets frame: Approx. 3700 x 1000 x 2400 mm. 

1 pc. PP multifilament extruder TESSILMECCANICA SARONNO
(Ref. No. 3238494). 4 position spinning head, year of construction 1998.
The line is suitable for spun-dyed continuous fully drawn multifilament
(FDY). Melt flow index 11 - 35. 8/4 thread lines.
Max. winding speed 4000 meters per minute. 

1 pc. fiber spinning line RETECH / WITTE (Ref. No. 3238467).
The line is without the extruder and composed of: 
- 1 pc. spinning machine RETECH.
  Construction year approx. 2013.
  With supply via 2 spinning chutes.
  Stainless steel. Equipped with 2 x 6 Duo godets. 
- 2 pcs. double winding machines SAHM Twinstar II.
  Construction year 2013. Moveable machines. 
- 1 pc. control terminal. With Soft-Touch-Monitor BECKHOFF.
  Mounted onto a swingable wall holder. 
- 2 pcs. suction guns for thread. 
- 1 pc. switch- and control board for the spinning machine. 
- 2 pcs. spinning pumps WITTE.
  Stainless steel. 2 motor drives LENZE.
  Special machine in special construction. 

1 pc. tape extrusion line FARE (Ref. No. 3238455).
Year of construction 1985.
The line is suitable for PP tapes for Raffia, agro and geotextiles.
Output max. 350 kg/h. The line is composed of:
- Extruder.
- RM dosing unit.
- Thickness control.
- Motor cooling.
- Spinning pump.
- Deye head.
- Air knife.
- Chill roll.
- First godet.
- Stretching oven.
- Second godet.
- Relaxation oven.
- Relaxation godet.
- Third godet.
- Cooling.
- Safety fences for godets.
- Tape winders SAHM type 260.
- Thermo oil boiler. 

1 pc. air texturizing machine BARMAG FK6T-80 (Ref. No. 3238475).
96 spindles, year of construction 1985.
Yarn count range 70 x 540 dtex. Take up 69 x 290. 

1 pc. spunbond line RIETER (Ref. No. 2128418).
1500 mm working width, year of construction 2002.
The line is suitable for Polypropylene.
Capacity: approx. 390 kg/h.
Production speed: approx. 260 m/min at 17 gr/sqm. 
Outside dimensions: approx. 40 x 20 x 8 m LxWxH. 
Complete with spinning pumps, climatized switch board room and exhaust
air installation. 
Main extruder: RIETER Perfojet E1.130-30D.
Year of construction 2002. 
Co-Extruder: SIKOPLAST type Sikorex 100/50/20-R.
Year of construction 2010. 
Calender and thermo oil station:
KÜSTERS Thermobond type HOT-S-Roll 250.
Embossing roller replaced in 2014. 
Compressors: ATLAS COPCO. 2 units of type ZE 4VSD. 
Winder: Winder CELLI type Windy Plus. Construction year 2002.
With cutting device, shaft handling. 

1 pc. yarn extruder SIMA (Ref. No. 3238419).
Year of construction 1998, second-hand.
Optional: Water cooling system, additional molds and spare parts. 

9 pcs. texturing machines BARMAG type FK6 L12 (Ref. No. 3238400).
216 positions each machine, year of construction 1983 - 1984.
Take up 290 x 69 mm tubes. Dtex range approx. 20 - 300.
Length of heater: 2100 mm single heater. Aggregate type FAG.
Disc type: 6 mm ceramic. Online tension control UNITENS
Oil roller oiling system. 
The texturing machines are suitable for Nylon and Polyester.
The capacity of all machines is approx. 210 tons per month on Nylon or
525 tons per month on Polyester. Example: Nylon average 44 dtex
600 m/min; Polyester average 110 dtex 600 m/min. 
The scope of supply includes various changing gears and a huge amount
of additional aggregates and discs as well as a great number of spare

1 pc. texturing prototyping machine BARMAG FK6 L10 (Ref. No. 3238414).
48 positions, year of construction 1983, used.
Inverter controlled change gear. 2100 mm long single heater.
FAG aggregate. Disc 6 mm ceramic.
Online tension control UNITENS Oil roller oiling system.
Take up 290 x 69 mm tubes. Dtex range: approx. 20 - 300. 

1 pc. master batch extruder UNION (Ref. No. 3238334).
The extruder was used to produce PP Master Batch for production
of PP staple fiber. It includes a cutter, cooling bath and dryer.
2850 mm long, 150 mm diameter.
The production range was approx. 300 kg/h. 

1 pc. FDY PP multifilament extrusion line
Year of construction 1998, second-hand. 

1 pc. extrusion line (Ref. No. 3238047).
1870 mm working width, year of construction 2001, second-hand.
The scope of supply includes the following machines:
1 pc. dosage unit for 6 polymers.
1 pc. extruder screw 3000 mm.
3 pcs. cooling rollers.
2 pcs. unwinder with edge control.
1 pc. extrusion head and cleaning zone.
1 pc. accumulator.
2 pcs. axial winder
1 pc. guillotine cutter for plates.
The line is suitable for the extrusion of polymers to foil or similar. 
With newer cooling station GWK, container-type. With Shredder / milling
machine, American brand. Without Piovan dryer. 
The feeding for textile or nonwoven materials is available, but not in use
because if was not required for the product range. 
The line is suitable for coating as required for agriculture products or for
conveyors and similar. 

1 pc. spinning plant for Polyester POY SD and dope dyeing
(Ref. No. 3237991). Year of construction 1994.
The plant is consisting of 2 lines with 36 position each (totally 72
positions). 36 positions can produce dope dyeing yarn. 
The spinning plant is consisting of:
- Winders F9C line A and B (6+6 positions).
- Compressed air distribution for the winders line A and B.
- Electric panels for the winders.
- Electric panel for the drying.
- Synoptic panel for the drying line.
- Electric panel of the air condition.
- Polymer drying (polyester chips).
- Boiler of diphyl.
- Exchanger of air preparation of the dyeing.
- Spinning oil distribution.
- Extruders.
- Electric panel of extruder and pumps.
- Masterbatch dosing.
- Polyester Polymer drying.
- Filter.
- Dehumidifier of Polymer for drying. 

2 pcs. PP multifilament yarn spinning lines ( FDY) SML AUSTROFIL HT 8
(Ref. No. 3237942).
Capacity 160 kg/h each line.
With BARMAG winders, 4 heads each machine.
PP-MFI (DIN 53 735): 10 - 25.
Titer range 200 - 1600 den.
Single screw extruder with 75 mm diameter. Screw length 30 D.
With 4 heating zones and 4 spinning pumps.

4 pcs. PP compact multifilament spinning lines SAHM
type 4008/4W Advantage (Ref. No. 3237943).
Output capacity up to 80 kg/h.
Denier range 100 - 4000 denier.
Winding speed up to 4000 m/min.
Extruder screw diameter 60 mm / 30:1.

2 pcs. PP staple fiber lines GIMEX (Italy) (Ref. No. 3237944).
Year of construction 1990 and 1995, second-hand.
Suitable for approx. 180 tons to 200 tons per month, depending on titer.
Titer range: 1.0 - 20 dtex.
The lines are suitable to produce natural and coloured fibers. 

1 pc. spunbond line MECCANICHE MODERNE / DILO / SICAM
(Ref. No. 3237599). 4600 mm working width, year of construction 2007.
Capacity approx. 1000 kg per hour.
Suitable for PET either virgin chips or recycled PET flakes.
Spunbond technology with 2 beams.
Basis weight 100 - 250 gr/sqm.
The line is suitable for geo textiles, bituminous membrane reinforcement,
carpet backing and other. 

1 pc. BCF extrusion line PLANTEX (Ref. No. 3237641).
Year of construction 1998, second-hand.
12-threads, 3 extruder.
800 dtex to 3000 dtex PP or PA-BCF yarn uni colour or tricolour.
Production capacity approx. 230 kg/h.
Spinning jets and sundry spare parts (motors etc.) available. 
The line is reconditioned and ready to use. Electronics are latest standard,
A/C motors and inverters were re-newed. Dosing system and chillers
are included. 
Improvements done on the line:
Electronics on godets re-newed, texturizing jets improved. 

1 pc. spunbond line BARMAG / LURGI / CELLI (Ref. No. 2305458).
2600 /2500 mm working width, year of construction 1970/1995/2000.
Spun bond beam.
useable width: >40 gr/sqm = 2.600 mm, 15-40 gr/sqm = 2.500 mm.
Annual tonnage: 2.000 tons.
Products: 15 gsqm - 150 gsqm.
Details spunbond part:
6 spinning positions, extruder BARMAG.
Max. capacity 130 kg per hour per meter.

1 pc. production mill for POY / ATY / DTY
made by BARMAG / SIEMENS / ZIMMER (Ref. No. 3237294).
Year of construction 1990 / 1992.
The capacity of the mill is approx. 12000 m of dyed in mass (dope dyed)
yarn per year for production of POY 19 - 45 tex, 48/70 fil.
The offer includes the complete line including PET chips drying,
polymerization, POY production, DTY and ATY production and all
accessories such like compressors, air conditions, ventilation etc. 
The structure includes: 
- Station Big bag discharge, bootstrap capacitance, pneumatic conveying
- 3 silo storage of 100 tons each.
- A system of drying and crystallization.
- 2 + 1 spare extruder screw.
- 2 central filter.
- 2 weigher master batch.
- Blower shaft section 32.
- Winding machine 2 pcs. 32 seats each (4 bobbin on the winding shaft). 
- Servodoffery manual 8 pcs.
- Nitrogen station for purging with nitrogen before heating.
- A system of drying and heating masterbatch.
- Heaters dinila.
- A complex process control.
- Sets of dies for 2 cars + reserve.

1 pc. extrusion line NEUMAG (Ref. No. 3237159).
Year of construction 1999.
The line is suitable for FDY (CF) / POY multifilament yarn based on
The machine is with 6 positions. Each position can be set up individually.
Air quench and diphyl can be adjusted for 3 positions.
It is possible to produce both FDY (CF) or POY yarn on any position.
6 ends per position.
Standard count (FDY): 300D/80F.
Standard count (POY): 240D/40F.
The speed depends on the concentration of the color.
Details on the extrusion equipment:
6 volumetric measuring devices with each 3 components
(PP, 2 x masterbatch).
6 extruders with a capacity of each 50 kg/hour - 30 L/D, AC,
inverter operated.
The diameter of the extruder is approx. 50 mm.
Drive power approx. 22 kW, heating power ca. 4 x 5 kW.
12 spinning pumps.
72 spinnerets 145 mm.
48 spinnerets 300/80 den, cross section : trilobal for FDY.
24 spinnerets 240/40 den, cross section : round for POY.
1 Vacuum station for the setup of the temperature for each diphyl line,
per 3 positions.
2 Diphylheaters.
6 Air quenches.
Yarn guides.
Jets - Heberlein and Temco.
2x2 heated godets, length 300 mm.
Temperature: 140 °C.
1 cold godet = chrome.
6 winders with automatic doffing, yarn guided by wings.
Cones 170 mm - maximum diameter of the bobbins = 400 mm.
Fully equipped with a process control system with historical data. 

1 pc. air texturizing machine DIETZE + SCHELL D+S 200
(Ref. No. 3236434). Year of construction 2004, second-hand.
The machine includes automatic doffing station DS 350.
The DS 200 G air texturizing machine is used for air-texturizing of technical
yarns, e.g.: sewing yarns for container sacks, upholstery yarns or special
carpet yarns for simulating the "nature look" of wool yarns with taslan-
type texturizing.
The field of application of the version DS 200 G, is the texturizing of flat
plastics filaments for the production of artificial turf.
Generally you can handle bundled PES-, PP-,PE- and PA- flat
monofilaments, respectively fibrillated PE-fillets as well as CF or BCF yarns
of PP, PA or PET in a yarn count up approx. 14 000 tex, in special
applications up to 20.000 tex .
The machine was built in 2002 and put in operation in a laboratory in
2004. It has been used as a laboratory machine with very few working
hours. The line is in perfect condition.
The machine has 1 position.

1  pc. staple fibre crimper NEUMAG (Ref. No. 3235977).
80 mm entrance, second-hand.

2 sets of each 4 spindles air entangling machines DIETZE + SCHELL
DS 100 (Ref. No. 3305091). Each machine with 4 winders.

1 pc. false twist texturing machine ICBT FTF 12 E 2 AD
(Ref. No. 3301730).
96 positions, 96 positions (2 sides of 48 positions).
The machine is with 2 heaters. Temperature fixation heater 250°C.
Max. mechanical speed is 1200 m/min.
The machine is taken out of production but not dismantled yet.
In the former production is was used for polypropylene P.O.Y., but
can also be modified to run polyester P.O.Y.
The denier range is from 75 denier up to 300 denier, 1 ply, 2 - 3 - 4 plies.

1 pc. false twist texturing machine ICBT FTF 12 E2 AD (Ref. No. 3301731)
16 positions, 16 positions (2 sides of 8 positions).


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