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1 pc. cross lapper RS 80 (Ref. No. 2148425).
3000 mm lay down width, year of construction 2004, second-hand.
Cloth width 2700 mm.
Infeed speed up to max. 80 meters/min.
Supply speed: 0 to 15 m/min.
Infeed from card 2500 mm.
The length of the infeed table is 1000 mm.
The table is adjustable in height and swingable. Drive by teeth wheel.
Drives for the 1st and 2nd cloth, for the upper and lower wagon and the
exit belt: AC servo gear motor.
Drive for the height adjustment exit belt left/right: AC gear motor.
Total 50 kW.
Control: SIEMENS SPS S7-300.
Operation: SIEMENS Touch Screen. 

1 pc. cross lapper ASSELIN (Ref. No. 2147887).
3000 mm lay down width, year of construction 1990.
Infeed width 2900 mm (width of the belt).
The machine is now in production on 2500 mm width.
Input speed 60 meter per minute.
Maintenance done regularly. Power supply 380 V. 

1 pc. cross lapper ASSELIN Profile (Ref. No. 2146681).
5000 mm working width, year of construction 1999, used.
Infeed width 3000 mm.
We recommend to re-new the BOSCH drives. 


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Tornado Textilmaschinen GmbH Import-Export is used textile machinery dealer from Germany / Europe. We offer surplus nonwovens equipment and pre-owned textile machinery for sale. We buy and sell second-hand cross lappers and cross folder for non woven. Your offers and enquiries will be appreciated.


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