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1 pc. small bale press for textile waste HSM type VL 500.2
(Ref. No. 1158621). 

1 pc. bale press (Ref. No. 1158543).
10 tons pressing power, year of construction not known. Motor 15 kW.
The manufacturer and the year of construction are not known because
the machine was purchased as a second hand one in 1989. 

2 pcs. bale presses CONTINENTAL (Ref. No. 1158490).
The system is composed of two balers, a fiber condenser and a splitting
silo to receive the fibers from a tearing line. The silo distributes the fibers
on two balers.
The bale size is approx. 54 x 27 x 51 inches resp. 1370 x 685 x 1290 mm.
The weight of the bales is up to 660 lbs. resp. 299 kg. 

1 pc. bale press GUALCHIERANI GSA 2000/150 (Ref. No. 1158378).
Year of construction 2001, second-hand.
Fully automatic machine. 

1 pc. bale press AUTEFA type 280 73 (Ref. No. 1158354).
Year of construction 1982, second-hand. 

1 pc. bale press HSM KP 88.1 (Ref. No. 1157731).
90 kN pressing power, year of construction 1997.
Previously used for a blend of natural fibers.
The original manual is available.
Spec. pressing power: 36 N/qcm.
Pressing time incl. back stroke: 12 seconds.
Capacity: approx. 6 to 10 bales per hour.
Bale size: 500 x 500 x 400/600 mm.
Bale weight: 30 to 60 kg, depending on material. 
Nominal power of motor: 4,0 kW. 
Dimensions of machine: 1150 x 3310 x 1405 mm WxLxH. 
Total machines weight 850 kg. 
The machine is in good condition and ready to use. 

1 pc. bale press PAAL (Ref. No. 1157726).
Year of construction 1999. 

1 pc. electric bale press (Ref. No. 1157646).
Carrousel type.

1 pc. electric bale press (Ref. No. 1157649).
With rolling bins. 


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