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1 pc. bale press AUTEFA type 280 73 (Ref. No. 1158354).
Year of construction 1982, second-hand. 

1 pc. fully automatic fiber bale press AUTEFA (Ref. No. 1158299).
170 / 250 bar pressure. Bale size 1100 x 700 x 1100 mm.
The press has a height of 12 meters.
Automatic packing station, automatic strapping station, scale and labeling
station are included. 

1 pc. waste press C+M  (Ref. No. 1158194).
Year of construction 2001. 

1 pc. waste press LUWA (Ref. No. 1158201). 

1 pc. baling plant AUTEFA type UNI-BOX 2000 (Ref. No. 1158104).
Automatic baling plant comprising: 
2 x UNI-BOX 2000 main presses.
2 x INTRA-WRAP automatic bale strapping and wrapping machines.
4 x NonStop 250 presses.
1 x bale removal and conveying system.
1 x bale pre stacker. 
Rated capacity: 250 - 300 tons per day.
The plant is in an "as new" condition. 

1 pc. bale press HSM KP 88.1 (Ref. No. 1157731).
90 kN pressing power, year of construction 1997.
Previously used for a blend of natural fibers.
The original manual is available.
Spec. pressing power: 36 N/qcm.
Pressing time incl. back stroke: 12 seconds.
Capacity: approx. 6 to 10 bales per hour.
Bale size: 500 x 500 x 400/600 mm.
Bale weight: 30 to 60 kg, depending on material. 
Nominal power of motor: 4,0 kW. 
Dimensions of machine: 1150 x 3310 x 1405 mm WxLxH. 
Total machines weight 850 kg. 
The machine is in good condition and ready to use. 

1 pc. bale press PAAL (Ref. No. 1157726).
Year of construction 1999. 

1 pc. electric bale press (Ref. No. 1157646).
Carrousel type.

1 pc. electric bale press (Ref. No. 1157649).
With rolling bins. 

1 pc. bale press HSM type VK 1206 DR (Ref. No. 1157413).
160 kN pressure, year of construction 2010. Motor 9,2 kW. 


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